High Sensitivity or Phobia ?

Today Aadi got up with a fever. So we decided not to send him to the school. Instead we took him to the hospital 🙂 . Dr. Vittal prescribed a blood test. But Aadi shouted and screamed,jumped up from my lap,  set himself free, and ran away, and when he saw the needle. Spectators watched curiously. He wasn’t bothered. I gave up. We checked with the Dr, if the blood test  was essential. He exempted Aadi from the tests.

Should I have forced him? If so, How? To prepare him for this ordeal, I had offered him a toy helicopter. He wanted the reward, but refused the labor.

Aadi is terrified by needles. How will he face the world  if he is so sensitive to pain? He who is so careful at dressing properly, doesn’t care what others think when wrecking havoc to avoid physical pain and suffering. He sees his pain alone.

Should he be classified as a highly sensitive child? Or is it part of his anxieties and phobias? What should I do?

Sensitivity or phobias doesn’t mean all is lost. Often sensitive people made highly creative poeple. Riemann was sensitive. Einstien was sensitive.



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